Astronomy on Tap, South Bay

Astronomy on Tap (AoT) is a free public lecture series featuring ground-breaking research presented by scientists from around the world. The original AoT was started in NYC by Meg Schwamb, but has since exploded in popularity with local chapters popping up all over the world. The South San Francisco Bay chapter was started by Trisha Ashley and myself in the fall of 2017. Since that time, we have hosted speakers presenting on topics ranging from the search for life in the Universe to polarization of dust in the interstellar medium and everything in between. Not only should you come to our next event to get your fill learning about cutting edge science research, but also to challenge yourself to our astronomy trivia, enter to win prizes, and enjoy some great locally brewed beer!

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Enrique Lopez-Rodriquez, Staff Scientist, SOFIA/USRA - Active Galaxies and Mantis Shrimp… Wait, did I just read mantis shrimp?

Deno Stelter, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Center for Adaptive Optics, UC Santa Cruz - From Eyes to Artificial Stars: Astronomical Tools Through The Ages

Dale Cruikshank, Astronomer & Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames - NASA’s Voyage to the Edge of the Solar System: Pluto and MU69

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Ian Stephens, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Post-Doctoral Fellow - Creating Stars and Plan

Michael Gordon, SOFIA Post-Doctoral Research Associate - Nebulae, Novae, & Nothing at All: The Life & Death of Stars

Simon Coudé, SOFIA Post-Doctoral Research Associate - From Dust to Dust: The Rocky Life of Stars and Their Planets

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Chris McKay, NASA Senior Scientist - Enceladus: A Moon of Saturn with a Life of Its Own?

B.G. Andersson, SOFIA Associate Director for Science Operations - Lined Up in Outer Space

Jim De Buizer, SOFIA Senior Scientist - Is There Anybody Out There? The History of the Search for Civilized Life in the Universe



Amanda M. Cook, Instrument Scientist and Engineer - Millennium Engineering & Integration Co. - Adventures of a Scientist in Mission Design and Science Instrumentation - The Moon and Beyond

Christiaan Boersma, Research Scientist - SJSU / NASA Ames - Organic Molecules in Spaaaaaace!

Trisha Ashley, NASA Post-doctoral Researcher & AoT, South Bay Organizer - Special “Fan Choice” Talk



Michael Busch, Research Scientist - SETI Institute - #Team Radar: Radar Astronomy and Near Earth Asteroids

Seth Shostak, Senior Research Scientist - SETI Institute - Why Have We Not Found Aliens?

Kathryn Bywaters, Project / Research Scientist - SETI Institute - Searching for a Second Genesis of Life in Our Solar System



Geert Barentsen, Research Scientist - NASA Ames - Revealing the Secrets of Supernova Explosions Using Kepler

David Morrison, Senior Scientist - SETI Institute / NASA Ames - Protecting Earth from Asteroid Impacts

Andris Slavinskis, Research Scientist - NASA Ames - Asteroid Touring with Small Spacecraft



Geert Barentsen, Asst. Professor - Research Scientist - NASA Ames - Kepler’s Grand Finale: Revealing the Secrets of Supernova Explosions

Roberto Carlino, Test Engineer - Astrobee Free-Flying Robots / NASA Ames - Are We Alone? Kepler and TESS are “Looking” for the Answer

Ken Bower, Flight Planner - USRA / SOFIA - Astronomy at 41,000 Feet: The Story of the SOFIA Mission



Amy Furniss, Asst. Professor - CSU, East Bay - The Universe’s Most Extreme Environments

James Radomski, Scientist - USRA / SOFIA - SOFIA, A Flying Telescope with Heat Vision

Tom Madura, Asst. Professor - SJSU - 3D Printing and Astronomy